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Howdy. Some queers and friendz went out today to give a little needed perspective on one of the now greatest farces of the environmental struggle: Earth Day. In anticipation of some head-scratching we offer up this …

Earth Day future FAQ!!!!:
Why target Earth Day of all days?
Taking care of and protecting the earth and all that depend on it is serious business. If you’re going to be serious then get serious. Most “Earth Day Celebrations” are pretty sad events that try to make people feel good about being totally ineffectual at actually protecting the environment. We can’t buy our way out of environmental crises. Putting on your Sunday best to go lobby some too-powerful idiots in dysfunctional and structurally rotten governments won’t do either.

What’s wrong with buying a cool hybrid car or some green dog shampoo or eating Chipotle?
We live in a country that values economic growth above all else because we think that’s what makes everything wonderful for some reason. This planet can’t sustain such dumb ideas and we can’t let cars and burritos distract us from more important issues.

Why don’t you offer up solutions instead of just complaining?
If as a society we can’t even be clear and honest about the root cause of the problems we’re facing, then we as a society will come up with awful non-solutions that will at best be worthless and at worst be extremely harmful.

Well the 2014 midterm elections are just around the corner, you’d be better off doing something towards that wouldn’t you?
We predict, on the whole, that the world and its living inhabitants would give out a never-ending standing ovation if every politician took our advice in walking into the ocean and never returning.

Why can’t you be practical?
Practicality is in the eye of the beholder.

You want us to all be using a horse and buggy?
We want you to have an imagination first.

You all are just a bunch of whiny, privileged turds with nothing better to do! Why don’t you leave Earth Day alone?!
(click to enlarge this screengrab, which functions as our response)
Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 11.40.25 PM


For more information and ways to get involved with others check out these Earth Day-Sponsors-That-We-Think-Are-Shitty-specific links (or you can just start up your own cool projects. you can do what you want and you can do a lot!):

Ameren – leoenvironmental.org
Laclede – ksdk.com/story/news/local/2013/10/28/laclede-tif-stirs-protest/3289399
Washington University – studentsagainstpeabody.org
the City of Saint Louis – takebackstlouis.com

Love the planet! Love one another! And let’s destroy what’s destroying us!

see yuhz at pride!

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