a friendly response

Dearest Queers and Non-Queers.

It has come to our attention that people have taken an interest in some superbly put together and well-edited fliers that have appeared in The Grove. We’re delighted that you all have taken note. For any of you that scream out that such actions are horrible and ineffectual please know how thankful we are for your outbursts as they help us get the word out on these important matters. Let this be a lesson for those that want to know of one method to initiate a conversation.

It is interesting watching the reactions to removing the posters. Clearly some people are quite happy with the posters being there, and clearly some people don’t care in the slightest about the legality or matters of property or what have you. (It should be noted that nearly every poster that we can think of was placed on public property, dumpsters, or currently vacant buildings. But don’t let that distract from the worship of property.)

To the people leading the charge to “clean” The Grove this Saturday, that sounds great if you want to do that. But don’t fool yourselves into thinking your actions speak on behalf of or are to the benefit of the LGBT community, whatever that is. It is obvious that there is a diversity of opinion among queers, and we simply wanted to bring up some matters that often don’t get enough attention. We don’t think that Monsanto or the US military would provide us with the platform or the funding to tell them to go fuck themselves, especially not for a whole weekend.

Maybe some of the folks that put up the posters will even be in your midst while you clean up all that filth. You may even know the wanton criminals responsible! They may even … be … right … behind you! The enemies of capital and normality and assimilation are everywhere. You might be one yourself and not even know it.

To everyone else take heart that throughout the weekend of Pride there were at least 6 independent actions that we are aware of that took place in response to or parallel to Pride, Inc.’s events. We have no idea who did many of these things, and that’s the exciting point.

You don’t need a non-profit or a board of directors or a clever group name or any of that to do things. Just do them. Non-profits aren’t going to save the world from poverty or crime or environmental disaster, and you sure as hell should not be waiting for them to do so. And don’t even get us started on elected officials.

For those that are particularly savvy I’m sure you can find people to talk about these matters. You may even be able to dig up an email. While it certainly wouldn’t make any sense for us to organize an event to further discussion on these matters (what with the quasi lynch mob [sorry … a poor choice of words. firing squad? angry Facebook mob? … well you get the point] that has sprung up), we think it would be very interesting and pertinent for someone else to maybe organize a discussion on assimilation in the post-DOMA world. Clearly there’s some interest.

If there is anything that we can all be united in after this ordeal is that yes you should be diligent about spell-checking. Live and learn.

Oh and FYI here is the complete text of the haikus:



Some Queers

P.S.      Concerning the proper channels and ways to go about getting your message out, we agree in part that adherence to well-established practices is good form and so here is a workable recipe for wheat paste that we think you may find useful: instructables.com/id/wheatpaste

P.P.S.  We actually have quite a lot of love in our lives and adore so much in this world and so many. We’ve adored many of your comments for instance, reading them to our lovers, naked in bed.

  1. southsiderstlouis said:

    I’m sure you got Monsanto’s and the US military attention! No that is not what you did at all, all you did was litter up a whole area! Jackasses!

  2. Mark said:

    A vibrant city is filled with discourse, action and reaction. Keep it coming, queers!!

  3. Mark said:

    p.s. – Monsanto already is well aware of its dissenters; but St Louis is woefully ignorant of this behemoth. South-sider, take this moment to learn more about it and the concerns held by many about this company’s activities.

  4. August said:

    It must be awful to think that gay culture would assimilate with mainstream culture. Gee it’s going to suck not being afraid of the police. It’s going to suck being able to go to military balls with my marine boyfriend. It’s going to suck not being afraid that the government will turn a blind eye to circumstances in which I am discriminated.
    Assimilation sucks.

    • Brandon Kemp said:

      Oh, wow! You mean the only things we have to do to gain some momentary comfort is forgo any meaningful pursuit of autonomy and self-determination? Wow! Who knew it was as easy as laying aside one’s deepest values and desires so as to cloak oneself in the guise of heterosexist, bourgeois normality!

      How wonderful not to be afraid of police forces which will still remain largely unaccountable to the very workers with whose protection they are entrusted! I assume that POC and trans* people still won’t feel that safe, but hey, that’s all okay, right? As long as you feel safe.

      And military balls? How fabulous! I mean, between being treated like cannon fodder and murdering thousands of POC, both queer and otherwise, abroad, military personnel deserve to have some fun too, right?

      And of course it’s all immaterial that all this new-found comfort and privilege will be predicated upon the continued oppression of more marginalized groups, countless queers included. Heck, I mean, I guess even you are a victim of your comfortable complacency if it means overlooking and allowing the continuation of the latest corporate assault on the livelihoods of working people (in whose ranks you probably stand, just as a matter of statistics). But hey! At least Goldman Sachs and its ilk won’t discriminate–indeed, I daresay they will be rather indiscriminate in their layoffs, pay cuts, and lobbying for a lower standard of living for the vast majority of people in this country and beyond!

      You’re so right! Assimilation is terrific! How didn’t we see it sooner?

  5. sk said:

    YES. so much love.

  6. emma said:

    I was with you until you called your detractors a ‘quasi lynch mob.’ Not cool yo, and I hope I don’t have to explain the history of lynching violence in the US to make you see how inappropriate it was.

    • a queer said:

      hey emma thanks for raising this point. yeah we should have been more aware and not used that term. we’ll make a little note about this in the original post.

  7. john said:

    well two things here, one you are the kind of gay that gives all gays a bad name, and two if you want to get your message out about how gays feel, go to other neighborhoods and spread the word, not in gay neighborhoods, we should all stand together to get out the word, but in our own neighborhoods only bring tensions between each other and we don’t co-operate as well, because we all separate from each other, get together call meetings put it in the press and go to all neighborhoods and spread the word, don’t aggravate your friends and others that are helpful.

    • b. said:

      I think you may have missed the point. The message is for gays, so they was placed where they should be. I don’t feel this gives gays bad names at all. It started conversation, which was the point intended. I feel gays blindly fall into the issues on the flyer because there is no info freely posted, or even information to obtain, because if questions are asked, you don’t get answers, only arguments. Or you are just dismissed, made to feel cast aside for even wondering “why”. THAT is what gives gays a bad name. Flocking blindly behind companies and institutions that state they are on our side…. are also taking advantage of us… THAT also gives us a bad name.

      This flyer stated ISSUES we need to worry about…not worry about WHO posted or WHERE they hang. This friendly response itself states WHY it happened, and still… the point is missed. I can be proud of being gay and not need Macy’s, Monsanto, my mayor, Pride Inc, YOU ,your friends,Marriage, etc etc to back me up. I DO have to worry about people in my own community casting me aside for thinking that way, though.


    Run, Navajo, Run.
    Die without your dignity.
    Get off my coal mine!!

  9. laura said:

    “It’s going to suck being able to go to military balls with my marine boyfriend.”


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